Socialize through activities provided by our staff such as Cooking Classes, Walking Tours, Themed dinner nights, Movie Nights and Kids’ club for your children.

Cooking Classes

Take a part in learning the Moroccan cuisine with our experts alongside other visitors, we guarantee you mastering a recipe or two by the end of your journey at Le Bled.

Walking Tours

Le Bled is a very spacious resort with natural surroundings, enjoy the vast gardens, the green scenery and the historical architecture with our expert guides.

Themed dinner nights

Food is a luxury at Le Bled, we can certainly admit that it is one of many assets that we excel at, join Chef Moha and the wait staff on this luxurious food adventure.

Movie Nights

Take the concept of movie nights into a whole new dimension with Le Bled, whether you would like to watch movies in the garden or near the pools, the choice will be always yours, and don’t forget about the snacks, it is the best part!

Kids’ club

Happiness feels great when shared together, and at Le Bled, we would never forget about your kids during your adventure. While you enjoy the activities stated above, your kids will have the chance to take part of their mini journey as well.